In advance I ask a pardon for bad transfer as article original is written in Russian =>

If me have asked to write formula BUILDERING, is faster even free solo buildering it would be => 40 % psychology + 40 % general physical preparation + 20 % of rock-climbing (the basic skills rock-climbing, classical rock-climbing movements). Most likely experienced free solo mens will condemn buildering, complaining on lung rock-climbing …. at all about all opinion, though and not always only the 🙂

This the Saint-Petersburg 17 floor house behind our backs we climbed 3rd time …. the first times somehow it was not possible to remove on photo-video equipment. The route interesting enough …. technics of rock-climbing and monotonous, but is the complexities.

Yes, it is possible buildering not so bewitches as free solo, it is possible buildering in something easier …. But in it there are delights….

…. The place to sensations ….

….to a consciousness condition ….and to those emotions which you receive from process and-or result.

….В end I will tell standard speech => this post isn’t the guide to action and has purely information character. If the person doesn’t have comprehension of own fear and a working head it is not necessary to penetrate into an event essence….
To this kind of extreme activity anybody whom doesn’t invite … people come here…. If will want.

Foto by Georgy Shabalev