Hi there,

I send you this mail concerning your article about the 1st buildering WC.
probably you already got this invitation, but if not here it is.
from cologne

(I love your music compilation 😉

You cheeky scamp. Well I guess it’s official: the “Buildering World Championship” is now worldwide. That’s OK, and I’m retroactively renaming the “UBC Buildering Competition” to “The Universe, all Parallel Universes, and the Empty Spaces Between Them (which may or may not contain Daleks) Buildering Ultimate Showdown and Teen Pageant.”

Seriously though, if you have any idea where the hell Ruhrpott is, you should attend this comp. It looks like a blast, they’re great guys, and they even promise “award ceremony meal fire sleeping”. How can you say no to that?

More info: http://www.udini.de/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=117&Itemid…