I’m writing to you from optomen tv www.optomen.com. I’m keen to find out more about Buildering in the hope of making a film.

Someone mentioned to me that there was a team of climbers hoping to tackle some of the highest building in the world…

Be great to have a chat.


A team of builderers taking on the skyscrapers of the world? That’s unlikely, although it paints a nice mental image: four guys and one sexy blonde, dressed in black with lots of zippers on their jackets. Neck zippers — that is, a zipper sewn into the collar. I just wiki’d “collar“. Fascinating stuff. My favorite is the poet collar, and that picture of Lord Byron is positively dreamy. I have a leather jacket with a band/grandad collar with a zipper running around the band. I can’t for the life of me figure out the point of the zipper. When unzipped there is hardly any room behind the zipper. Certainly not enough to store a hood, nor is there any means of attaching said hood. Who’s ever heard of a hood on a leather jacket anyway? That’s just stupid. My guess is it’s a stash for money, but it’s a pretty nice jacket. I mean, if I were a mugger and I saw my jacket it’d be the first thing I demand I give me.

Anyway, the elite buildering team members have code names styled after African mammals. Each has a specialty: brute strength, cracks, delicate face climbing, speed climbing (arguably not a legitimate climbing style, but if it’s good enough for the X-Games it’s good enough for me), and of course the sexy blonde is ultra flexible and can bend into any number of ungodly positions.

Oh dude…if they were all chicks you could call them The Five Tens. Shit man, I’m basically writing your movie for you.