from: Max Miller,
subject: Re: Account details for millermax10 at (deleted)

Just wondering, why did you keep this comment:

by jsmith.hkcs – 04/27/2010 – 04:32
What is the best way to travel throughout Canada?

I was merely letting your readers know about a similar service…..


> Your account on has been deleted for one of the following reasons:
> 1. You registered, but never clicked on the activation link in the email. Check your spam folder if you never received an activation email, or reply to this email and I’ll clear things up.
> 2. You registered, activated, and then proceeded to post spam. Go away.
> Cheeri-eeri-eeri-o
> -ardarvin

What strange mixture of audacity, stupidity, and self consciousness do we have here?

I left jsmith.hkcs’ comment because I failed to see it. Thanks for pointing it out, it’s gone now.

Now on to you: are you really trying to justify your behaviour? Spammers are the pedophiles of the internet, you are universally hated. “Merely letting your readers know about a similar service” is unsolicited advertising, i.e. spam. Just because you took the time to poorly contextualize your link with an article does not make it welcome. If your link had anything to do with this website at all, I’d have considered letting it stay.

Go tell your bullshit company to take out a fucking Google ad.

At one point had anonymous commenting but thanks to spam bots I had to disable it. Now I have to deal with real life spammers like yourself — who apparently have feelings. Why not use that “feeling” part of the brain and take a moment to consider what you are adding to society with your job. Then go kill yourself. There’s a special level of hell waiting for you where you can only communicate with others through randomly generated text.