My name is Kaelen Williams. I love your site. I don’t know if this is the right way to submit pics, but I’m pretty technologically inept, so this was the only thing I could figure out. There’s this place right by my house (in Boulder CO) with some great buildering, and my friend Nate and I finally took a camera out there to get some pitures. I picked out some of my favorites. Nate is the one wearing a grey shirt in the pictures, I’m wearing tan.

Kaelen, you write like a girl — no offense, that’s just good hard science. Recently I’ve been having fun with [original site 404. try this one instead], a site where you input text and it uses a fancy algorithm to determine whether the author is male or female.

Because I was unsure whether Kaelen is a girl’s or a guy’s name, I tested your email. You scored 76 male / 152 female, so you’re either are a chick or a dude that writes like one. I’m guessing from your photo it’s the latter. Bummer for you.

It’s OK though, the best way to learn how to write like a dude is to study my own writing. I scored a solid 210 male / 148 female on this response.