Hey everyone! A little press release about the first Buildering World Championships:It was an unusual sibirian day in Cologne, Germany, on the 15th January when builderers from France, the Netherlands, Turkey and Germany met to find out who is the King of Buildering. Chrissi Benk from Germany did all the funky problems Udo Neumann and Simon Sticker put up the weeks before quicker, faster and with more style than the rest of the pack and at the end of the day he came out as the superior winner. One of the biggest problems of the day was the icy temperature, which Chrissi managed the best, maybe because of his training holidays in Font the weeks before. It was not the day for all this slim plastic kids, coming out of their warm climbing gym. Even extrem frost-resistent boulderers like Toni Lamprecht had to fight with frozen fingers and toes. Not once it came nearly to the point Toni took off his shirt. Bad for all the female away supporters… But at the end in every face you could see this smile and everyone had fun, what’s the most important thing. For more infos, pics & clips, check out: udini.de or contact us.



In kindergarten, I used to hang out with David Tail-Feathers. Being an Indian, he talked with an accent so everyone picked on him. One day some one brought in a rabbit for show and tell. The rabbit, doing what rabbits do, dropped a little nugget sized poop. We were all fascinated, not having seen poo shaped like this before. David wasn’t paying attention, so I grabbed the poo, told him it was a raisin, and he ate it. Kids are fucking mean.