I’d like to know if there is anyone here who has ever done any buildering at UW? I ran across an excellent site on the topic – I think it was built by someone named AlpineDave. I don’t know how active this guy is, but I have yet to get a reply from him.

I’m doing research for a scene in my new book (fiction). No, I don’t have a publisher for it yet. Yes I am previously published. No, I’m not a crackpot, cop, or school official. Here are a couple of links to my previous (nonfiction) work):

– This link is to my first book, in which I collaborated with Tim
Hildebrandt to publish.

– In my second effort, I represented and edited this book with artist Chad Michael Ward that was published by NBM last fall.

I guess I could just make some stuff up, but I’d prefer to be true to the sport. That means technical accuracy in the setting and the climb. That poses a couple of problems because A) I live in Texas (George Bush is not my fault) and have never been to the University of Washington and B) I’m not a climber or builderer.

Would anyone be interested in answering a few questions I’ve outlinedthat will help me create the desired authenticity of the scene? Or could you refer me to someone who might? All I can really offer in return is props on the acknowledgements page and a positive fictionalized account of what looks like a cool climb.

BTW, the target for the climb in the scene is the Red Square Towers at UW. Cool name, nice height, seems like a nice challenge. I’m open to other suggestions, though it has to be UW (sorry, location has been established for a while…).