I’m writing to ask if you have any objection to us linking to your great site from www.doyourthing.com

The site is a promotional site for the Revlon Charlie range of body sprays. It features a diary section in which we link to all sorts of weird, wonderful, funny or useful sites on the web – a bit like a links blog.

As you will see if you take a look at doyourthing.com, we do not claim any ownership over your material, and your site will pop up in it’s own window.

We would love to feature your site, but if you do object then please email me as soon as possible,

Many Thanks

Serena Nutting | Account Manager

Marketing’s New Media Agency of the Year 2003
Campaign’s New Media Agency of the Year 2002

You can link to my site only if you put the phrase, “Ard is Rad!” somewhere on the can of body spray. Prepubescent girls the world over will be like, “Ard’s so te-iiight, I totally wish he was my dad.”