Things Keddie Is Into

1. The BOWMAC sign
Not only is there a great view from the top, but it looks funky too. I love old signs. I don’t want to give anything away but the bastardization of this sign appears in my ‘not into’ list.

2. Poutine
I only really like it if it’s done right. Vancouver has a few places that do. My favorite poutine shop is Belgian Fries; they get their gravy and cheese curds flown in from Quebec. How genuine is that! The curds should squeak in your teeth and gravy should be veggie with a slight touch of spiciness.

3. Snow
Vancouver doesn’t get very much snow, mostly rain. But when it snows it’s sweet. The hills are alive with sledders. My body is covered in bruises.

4. Amy
Hey! Who wrote this Keddie’s Picks?… oh right, Amy. Thanks Amy. Actually, she didn’t write the whole thing, just this pick and few others.

5. Nat
Hmm… well, Nat was jealous that Amy got to be a pick; so here you go, you big baby. Btw, thanks for editing my picks. 🙂

Things Keddie Is NOT Into

1. The Toys ’R’ Us sign
Dear Toys ‘R’ Us: I hate you losers! Why did you make that beautiful BOWMAC sign the ugliest sign in Vancouver? Actually, I’ve heard that you bastards wanted to take the BOWMAC sign down, but the city wouldn’t let you. So out of spite, you made it the ugliest sign in the city. Booo. I hate you. Yours in hate, Keddie PS. Please clean the pigeon crap off the access ladder.

2. Mouse crap
Not mice turds, which are actually kind cute, except when they appear in your teacups. I’m talking about that strange junk that appears on the sliding pads of a computer mouse. What is that stuff? It’s hard to scrape off.

3. Ardarvin deleting good movies off the computer
At least wait until I watch them… geez.

4. People who complain about snow
Come on guys, this stuff is fun. I think it should be a permanent addition to the city.

5. People who sew mice together
I’m talking about living mice here, and there’s probably only one person who does it. I hope you’re reading this. You’re a monster!!!