Would it be considered a bad idea to builder the outside of my school with 14 other people? its right in front of the teachers parking lot but it will be in the middle of the day. (we will sneak out of class) and/or do you want pictures. The web site is awesome.

– Kaeti Z

Sneaking out of class to climb your school in the middle of the day is a great idea. I can’t believe you even had to ask me. But thanks for running it by me anyway, uncle ArdArvin approves. And really, what’s the worst that could happen to you? Suspension for a day? Great! More time to play. The fact that you will have 14 other friends to share in your day off from school makes it a bona-fide party. Plus your parents won’t give a rat’s ass that you were suspended, because getting suspended for something as harmless as climbing your school is pure idiocy on the principle’s part. Even if you are a straight-A goody goody, your parents will just laugh it off and breath a huge sigh of relief that their daughter is so positive and creative with her energy, and not spending her days doing drugs with the bad kids. Rock on girl, and remember… despite what everyone tells you, a suspension does NOT go on your criminal record. You’ll have no problem going to university, becoming an engineer, getting a wildly successful job designing digital cameras, and making way more bank than that stupid fucking vice-principal who suspended you.