[image: DimMonk driving, DrunkMonk flipping.] Meet DrunkMonk and DimMonk, two Montreal based traceurs who recently flew out to Vancouver to see what the city had to offer in the world of Parkour. This “East meets West” event generated quite a buzz on the urbanfreeflow forums, and we scheduled a jam for the day after their arrival. However in typical Vancouver weather fashion, it rained the day of the event. Disheartened, but not ready to give up, we found a couple covered areas to session. Here are some photos from that session…


picMark. Hard to tell but he’s crosslegged…splitting the needle. Must be a rollerblader? JK.

picDim. Vault to gap.



In hopes of better weather, we decided to host another jam on August 28th. Unfortunately, better weather was not to be found. Once again it started raining pretty much the exact second that everyone met. We tried waiting out the rain, but it never did let up. Here is some photos from that session…

picSerious food court parkour action.