ok. a quick one.
if there is an INSTITUTE OF BUILDERING, what are the required programmes and curriculum that should be included in it? Eg: an introduction to equipments, emergency room. etc?



A mighty fine question. Is this a Bachelors of Buildering, or a one year certificate? Let’s assume it’s the latter so we can skip the basket weaving courses and get right to the core:

  • Climbing Technique 101, 3 Credits: mantels, mantels, mantels, and more mantels.
  • Knots and Ropes 100, 3 Credits: knots, alternative belay techniques, rope protection.
  • Anchors 154, 6 Credits: gear selection, architectural strength analysis, emphasis on alternative forms of protection.
  • Psychology 120, 6 Credits: hazard perception, cop mentality, conflict resolution.
  • Ethics 130, 3 Credits: appropriate footwear, leave no trace, using your skills for good.
  • History 102, 3 Credits: No we didn’t just fucking invent something new, it’s been a thing for a very long time now.