[Combination of each person’s Wishbone Gap jump. Industrial Lights and Magic…I’m available.]

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Tuum Est. It’s yours. The UBC motto I’ve come to know and love. With such a warm and welcoming motto, how can one not help but to take full advantage of all that the UBC campus has to offer? After all it’s mine. I paid for it with my hard earned tuition dollars.

Hence the setting for the latest installment of PK action. Around 25 traceurs showed up, many new faces and lots of new talent. Special mention goes out to Mark with his nice flow and (in my opinion) the trick-of-the-day: a kong over a rail, with a 6ft gap and another rail to clear. Although he didn’t quite clear the second rail, his feet hit it both tries, with no incident. More of a kong to precision I guess. Sick regardless.

The spots Morgan and I scoped out earlier, ones which we thought would be too difficult to session, quickly fell to the masses. Like the cat leap with a nasty nasty fall (see photo of Sam). Or the Wishbone Gap: a 12ft roof gap. I figured one or two people would try this fearsome gap, but about a dozen folks stepped up to the plate.

Unfortunately the gap didn’t let all pass unscathed. Jeff H took a nasty spill on the landing and snapped his collarbone. I couldn’t help but feel the slightest pang of guilt, and after taking Jeff to the ER I spent the rest of the day teaching people proper PK rolls.

I’ve never felt the need to put a disclaimer on buildering.net before, since you all know that this stuff is crazy stupid and can result in serious injury. What I will say is learn to walk before you fly. Put in your time practicing the basics, know your abilities, and don’t let peer pressure or the energy of the moment make you do something you wouldn’t normally do.

That said, I’m sure Jeff put his time in and knew what he was doing. I’ve even bumped my collarbone before on a roll (mine naturally stick out 3 inches), so I wear four hoodies whenever I try anything large.

Besides a bit of a bummer note at the end, PKCA4 was a fantastic session.

The gold chain’s a nice touch.
Mark. Kong to Rail.


What a Wishbone Gap looks like when you don’t roll out of it.

picSometimes I’m shocked that security doesn’t notice us.