Great website. I wanted to clarify your views on climbing those big mineral thingys, y’know rocks. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me that you’re down on this on the whole. Where you savaged by a rock as a small child?

I really like the buildering ethos, particularly the reclaiming of space and imaginative re-invention of building’s purposes. But, I really love being in the wilderness, climbing on rocks and leaving powerbar wrappers in pristine environments.

Saying that, I’m pretty happy in the gym or on a sloper-as-corporate-art in the city. So, ArdArvin, what I’m asking (in a rather protracted manner) is do you climb rocks (or wear lycra and fluorescent colours ala Alain)?

Yours with chalky hands,

-bumpkindunc in the land of Oz

I haven’t given up rock climbing, but I do find myself rock climbing less and less these days. I just have more fun buildering, so why take the extra effort to pack up the gear and head to Squamish when I can have more fun in Vancouver.
Proof. Ya fuckin' happy?

Proof. Ya fuckin’ happy?

Thanks for the response. You successfully side-stepped the lycra question. Is
that deafening silence an admission of guilt?


Guilty as charged. I once climbed for two days in a skin-tight white ski racing suit. Those below told me it was obscene.