Just emailing you to inform you of Broomboarding.tk. It’s the new website for the new sport that’s growing in the South East, UK! If you visit the website at www.broomboarding.tk and go to the links page, you will be able to find our banner (which you can also see below). I’d very much appreciate it if you could place the banner or just a link on your website to help spread the word.

Thanks in advance,
Jonathan French

Thanks to 15 years of elitist skateboarding indoctrination I’m constantly judging the worthiness of other extreme/action/whatever-the-fuck-they’re-calling-it-these-days sports. Skating reigns supreme in its difficulty and street cred. Rollerblading on the other hand is undeniably stupid. Then there’s everything else in the middle.

I have to be very careful about adopting new hobbies, lest I’m identified with something uncool. It’s a bit of a problem — to the point where I’m paralyzed to try anything. So I don’t leave the house. I just sit in my apartment, listen to my Deodato records, and read about these broomboarding assholes who are either seriously misguided or taking the piss out of someone. I think it’s the latter, I just haven’t figured out who yet. Surely not I.