Oy mate, hows the weather out there on the west. Me and some friends of mine have recently, before being introduced to this site, began buildering and climbing structures of random nature. One attached photo is of myself climbing a mural outside of our chapel. Its quite the beautiful mural, but an even more beautiful problem. I love the site, its a gorgeous representation of a new culture which i find to be slightly related to that of the skate culture. Another thing me and my buds are doing are making vids. like the parkour vids just ours are a mingling of many aspects of our culture here in beauty Ottawa. my buds and i:a mix of skate, snow, chillen and random shit, climbing in the city of beautiful amalgamated Ottawa and anywhere else we go and have the cam, actual bouldering, and pretty much anything you can think of that fits into that kinda shiat if you know what i mean.

I find your site awesome, its got a great gallery with very inspirational pics when one is bored at work, as well as a great load of literature to pilfer through when humour is due, ie that great beef fest, all i want to say is keep it up. I am curious , whatever happened after all that bitching, i dont keep up with many of the links except for a few good ones but did urban-whatever pull off the shit. Anyways this is quite the length for an email simply stating to keep up the beauty site, but i cant stress it enough man, just do it! lol. later man, have a good one and take’r easy, btw if shes easy make sure to take’r twice, oy oy oy!

ps: sorry bout the crappy pic, my camera is tiny as hell which is convenient but when it comes to detail, the pictures get shaky.


Thanks for the kind words. Speaking of tiny cameras, back at my old job I received an email one day from some guy at Berkeley who was developing a camera the size of a credit card. He wanted some advice on a couple things to do with the camera to computer interface — my specialty. Since he wasn’t really a competitor (not same market), I helped him up out a bit and told him to send me a camera if he got one working.

I never did hear from him again, or ever see a credit card camera. But damn wouldn’t that be cool? That’s serious James Bond shit there.