I recently discovered the cool sport called buildering. I really want to builder sometime. I was wondering what supplies I might need to builder sometime? I  never even knew what it was until I stumbled upon this site on a search engine. Thanks alot.


Here is a short list of absolutely essential buildering supplies:

1 mammoth sized crash pad
1 full sized climbing rack
1 cordless HILTI hammer drill
24 3″ stainless steel compression bolts
1 Petzl Ecrin helmet (preferrably blue)
1 pair of climbing shoes (anything except boreal)
1 pair of running shoes (anything except nike)
2 Black Diamond ascenders
1 balaclava
1 fake photo ID with fake name
1 Black Diamond Talon aid hook
1 bottle of Gatorade X-Treme thirst quenching sport drink
1 Black Diamond big-wall hammer
1 pair of Spider Gloves™
4 wire brushs
1 chalk bag (with chalk)
1 harness
1 rope
1 computer
1 digital camera
1 copy of photoshop to edit out the harness and rope and climbing shoes and chalk bag and crash pad
1 ninja suit