I was walking back to my house the other day, and decided to check out the dumpster behind a CVS [for u canooks-its a grocery/pharmacy store…like metro].  and lo and behold…..ITS FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH CHOCOLATE!! its all sealed and wrapped, and most of it wasn’t even expired.  I’m guessing they were making room for the Halloween themed candy…or someone doesn’t like chocolate much…anyways, long story….not quite as long as i could make it,  three friends and i, over the course of 2 days, fill up over 7 backbacks full, liberated over 500 dollars[US] of chocolate!!! yea…..sooo hyperactive…for sooo long….ooooh yeah…..

so…part two:  how many of yall’s dumpster dive?  on a regular basis?  whats your most legendary haul?  i figure that most of you do, but just wonderin who gets a little dumpster lovin….[mad rhymin’ skillz]

Yay dumpster love! Good topic. It’s funny how there seems to be a correlation between buildering and dumpster diving. I guess it has to do with sneaking around all those alleyways at night.

I dive fairly often, usually for material possesions like plants, appliances, cutlery, records, that sort of thing. But occasionally I dive for food. Usually I’ll find bread, pasteries, fruit, junk food, that sort of thing. Never had a score like yours before though! Good job!