Last year I saw a street performer in Barcelona that had knees which bent backwards. He had normal arms, so his performance was playing the flute. I suppose to look like a Minotaur since they like playing flutes right? I remember that from those old Hercules cartoons.

I felt a bit sorry for him, but not sorry enough to pay him for taking a photo. That makes me a monster right? But, I felt manipulated. Fuck him right?

But you, APerson, are really fucked. One hand? At least Minotaur man would kick ass at Twister. That’s gotta be hell on the old keyboard. Say goodbye to playing the violin or more than three notes on the flute.

Well I hope for your sake you were born two handed, were naturally right-handed, then lost it in a terrible carpentry accident. People who are naturally left-handed are three times more likely to end up in jail than their right-handed counterparts. And jail sucks. Especially since holding the soap can be tricky. More on that thought, how DOES a one armed person wash that arm?