I was buildering downtown today and I just finished a sweet problem. I walk out of the alley and there standing in front of me is a “public safety officer” I’m walking by and he says “how are you doing?” “Okay how about you?” He says “okay” and as I walk by he is writing something on his little notepad thingy. Did someone see me and call the cops or something? Now my cover is blown

Those dorks are called “downtown ambassadors” in Vancouver. They were dorky red suits with little red caps. If you ever wondered what happened to the hall monitors in grade school, this is where they are at. Their life ambition.

Constantly writing stuff in their books they are. I like to ask them what is so interesting. Most of the time they are sketching graffiti (ie tags) in their books. I suppose it gets all logged in a database somewhere so when they catch a tagger, they can nail him with all his offenses.

Don’t stress about these dorks. Just run away before they call the cops.