Why don’t you wear climbing shoes when you builder?

It makes things a lot easier.

Yes climbing shoes makes it easier, but does it make it funner? The fun is in the challenge. A top-rope makes rock climbing easier (unless you’re fearless), but what’s more fun: top-roping or leading?

Street shoes are also more natural. Buildering is a more natural activity than rock-climbing. Rock climbing requires a packing up a whole bunch of gear, granola, and your guidebook and driving to a destination somewhere. Buildering on the other hand occurs spur of the moment — when walking down the street and seeing something inspiring.

Running shoes hurt less when you jump from 15ft onto cement. This is a big one for me, as my feet are terrible. I’ve skateboarded all my life, and had my share of jarring foot impacts. I can’t even walk barefoot on a hardwood floor these days.

Most importantly though, running shoes are good for running — an essential part of buildering.