When do you think the best time to builder is?

There is a brick building that I want to climb but it is on the main street were I live. It’s not a big street because the town is small but it gets a fair amount of traffic. Should I climb it at night or would that just look more suspicious and get me into more trouble? Also if I climb at night I can’t really get a picture. That sucks.


I climb predominantly at night. The less people the better. In the big city, that means at about 3am, although I’ll go whenever it’s dark.

Yeah, I suppose it may seem more suspicious at night, but it’s quite easy to explain what you are doing if seen. Start doing some really athletic looking moves like dynos or chinups or something. People understand working out. It’s on the list of accepted social activities. Just don’t wear all black, that’s just asking for trouble.

During the day, you’ll get non-stop questions as to what you are doing. I suppose buildering is a suspicious activity whether doing it during the day or the night. So I go with night.

If I want to take a picture, I make sure I’ve done the route a couple times at night already so I can do it quickly. Then just run in, take the shot, and then get outta there quick.