From: “Tom Brousseau MD” (

Love the site. Just wondering if you know of anyone with a copy of the TV broadcast of Alain Robert’s movie “The Wall Crawler”. I have only seen it once on television. It has not been released for sale, but has been broadcast occasionally. Robert’s website told me they don’t sell it.

-tom brousseau m.d.

I used to set up the email accounts at my first company. We had around a dozen employees, so the first name last initial format worked fine, e.g. It was less formal and shorter than the first initial last name format most companies use.

Then along came a guy who had a PhD and wanted me to add that to his email address. Begrudgingly I allowed it, but fortunately he turned out to be dumber than dirt and didn’t last past his probation.

Sorry, I no idea how to get a copy of “The Wall Crawler” — I suppose you could try contacting the production company or distributor,