Letter to the Editor:

I would like to anonymously complain about the promotion of the ‘hotornot’ website on the recent addition to buildering.com. As little as I know about the secretive ardarvin, I have a hunch that he is not a big fan of overt advertising. Unfortunately, he has now drifted into the world of subtle advertising. What a disappointment for otherwise such a great site. Perhaps next, little ardy rodent guy will be running towards a big Golden Arches, after he polishes off a Coke, wearing the latest Gap styles.

Also, the hotornot website is the most degrading site I have come across. Sure it can be entertaining to somehow believe that “I” may choose via a voting system who deserves to be considered ‘beautiful, sexy or hot’, however does it not already feed that world view that we are to judge people base on appearances, and if they don’t have ‘the look’ then “you don’t get my vote”. So all become subjected to the trap of trying to achieve ‘the look’, (which depending on the flavour of the month may be Gap or the ever becoming trendy anti-Gap.). Although the website may be something just to laugh at or dabble in, as you get the joy of practicing judging people based on their look, you may achieve the ability to walk down the street and judge people accordingly everyday!! How excellent for our already screwed up way off relating to people!!

As the authors of this site seem to be enlightened about the creativity of urban cragging, I would suggest they also become enlightened about the creativity within humankind. Because (as Michael Franti said) don’t you know that “all the freaky people make the world beautiful.”


Dear Anonymous,
Yay, my first letter! Welcome to buildering.net (not buildering.com, I wish I could have gotten that one) where we’ve never taken advertising dollars from anyone, especially a stupid fucking site like hotornot.  I suppose you didn’t pick up on the sarcasm of my hotornot post.

Regarding this “subtle advertising” you mention, you’re right: dynamite, Google, Black & Decker, toothpaste. Oh snap, no I didn’t. It’s a bit hard to talk about quantifiable things without advertising, even if it’s about how much you hate them. Isn’t there some saying about how negative adv…ahhaldfkandf;ldnkf. Fuck it. This conversation bores me.

If you want humourless, inspirational, life-changing bullshit, go visit www.oprah.com. (Note: blatant advertising.)