Easy, dirty, and high, the perfect …. what were we talking about? Oh ya, climbs. This is a great route that Allen R showed me. Allen is a first year UBC student, who has been doing his fair share of buildering on campus. He will often ask me if such and such a route has ever been climbed, most of the time I don’t know, but he definitely has done some creative lines. It’s good to see that the UBC buildering legacy will live on for many years to come.

We first did this route at night (recommended), and I remember having quite a time getting up the initial chimney. Allen told me that the vines were “in”, but having climbed the route numerous times since, I’ve noticed that many of the vines have been broken off, so I’d suggest you consider the vines “out”.

The second part of the route is the reward for your hard work. Great 360 degree views of campus. Don’t poke your head over the top of the smoke stack too quickly, or you may get an unpleasant blast of hot steam.