Oh yeah, absolutely, just not me. I strongly admire that quality in those people who are secure enough in themselves to be able to say, ‘You’re not getting me out there. I’m fine right here.’ – Dan Osman.

Last night I chickened out on something that I knew I could do. Until I do it, it’ll consume my every waking thought. Toby, Stewart, and I were out drinking. We hammered down an impressive amount of Guinness and White Russians, and were ripe to go try out some buildings. Neither had tried the Bio-Science dyno, so that was our first stop. After a successful dyno to bouncy bush jump (see a solo affair), we noticed that the distance between the retaining wall and mantle shelf could very well be within reaching distance.

The problem then, would consist of falling forward and catching the lip at full extension. We had no idea if we could reach for sure. Missing it would result in hitting your face onto concrete from about 10 ft.

There was no way I was going first.

Toby didn’t hesitate, walking out to the end of the retaining wall — a feat in itself considering his condition. Before I knew it he was falling forward. No spotters. One of the craziest things I’ve ever witnessed.

He made it, with probably an inch or two to spare. He’s about two inches taller than me. I wish I could say I rose to the occasion, not so much for bragging rights, but because then I’d be able to sleep peacefully at night.


One week later

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