Thanks to GQ, you no longer need to climb to be a climber.

Today GQ’s published a lovely climbing themed fashion piece. Climbing is now officially a lifestyle. Sure, people have dedicated their lives to climbing for over 100 years, but this is the less popular definition of lifestyle. We’re talking LIFESTYLE: the shit you need to read, buy, and wear in order to feel a part of something. LIFESTYLE: the wet dream of every marketing department. LIFESTYLE: what dominates the magazine rack. Twenty years ago we called it fashion, before the term turned garish and was constrained to what happens on Italian runways.

Jimmy Chin, sexy as fuck.

Jimmy Chin, sexy as fuck.

Thanks to GQ, you no longer need to climb to be a climber. Just go buy a Missoni sweater. The whole climbing part is difficult and uncomfortable anyways — it’s way more fun to drink beer and hang out with pretty girls. You know, CLIMBING.

Regarding the clothes, GQ nails it. A designer friend at Arc’teryx (who shall remain nameless) uses “outdorky” to describe all the soulless nylon and Gore-Tex product their company is so good at making. None of that bullshit here. This is pure climbing goods for pure climbing lifestyle. People hanging around boulders looking not one bit out of place. Not. One. Bit.

Photos stolen from GQ. Have your people call our people.