The obvious line up the side of Southwark Bridge in central London has finally seen its first ascent, at least 9 years after it was first attempted.

Earliest known attempts took place at the London Buildering Championships in 2007. Rich Bartlett first attempted the line in 2013 with subsequent sessions being thwarted by poor conditions, overzealous/bogus anti-terrorist police officers, and apathy.

Amor Fati – V7 First Ascent

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Naming the problem ‘Amor Fati’ (which when translated does not mean ‘I love fatties’, we are told), Rich has given the problem a V grade of 7 and a B grade of 22. (B grades are Bobby Gordon-Smith‘s own ‘buildering’ grades based largely on silliness.)

Well done to Rich and thanks also to Aaron and Qi for joining the siege and donating some skin.