The majority of our news items come from searching ‘buildering’ on twitter. Half the time it’s an aspiring Bob the Builder exclaiming he’s “buildering a shed from scratch.” Hahaha. Fuck you — it’s our made up word not yours.

Every now and then we find something like this. We have no idea what’s going on here but we’ve made the following observations. Some of these observations are just questions — one’s we’re not overly interested in getting answers to.

  1. 0:30 – Stretching. OK these guys are serious.
  2. 0:32 – Oh, it’s basketball. Where’s the ball? Oh, drunkypants fell over. She’s warmed up.
  3. 0:44 – Matching t-shirts. Smurfy. No time for a logo. Onward!
  4. 0:47 – Babies. They still make those things?
  5. 1:00 – Oh wait, there is a smudge of a logo. No time for graphic design. Onward!
  6. 1:30 – Visible booze.
  7. 2:00 – Six spotters for the cute girl. Obviously. Oh, two of the spotters are engaged in equalized beer tossing. Beer redundancy. B.E.R.N.E.S.T, S.E.B.R.E.N.E. Hmm, this is too good of an idea to let die here. Note to self: new buildering term.
  8. 2:24 – Before bouldering mats there were mattresses for bouldering. O.G.
  9. 2:38 – You can’t hold on to that, silly. Don’t even try.
  10. 3:00 – See, told you so.
  11. 3:07 – Ahh, multi-angle. Synchro….nized? Ahh…different takes. At least it’s the same guy.
  12. 3:27 – Nope, not even the same guy.
  13. 3:44 – Fine, prove me wrong. I’m the asshole.
  14. 3:49 – ‘Mila Esker.’ Who wouldn’t.

Conclusion: Why? Answer: Why not? Always why not.