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pickle2coverAll tracks taken from a wonderful mixtape by Jay Buckwold. Jay is a long time member of the Pacific Bluegrass and Heritage Society — probably the founder or at least the president at some point. He also ran the bluegrass camp in Sorrento for many years.

Jay plays a great version of Fresh Fish on the banjo, which sent me searching for a digital copy or otherwise. I couldn’t find it, so Jay gave me this tape. I love it and I listen to it every day on the way to work — my car has a tape deck…doesn’t yours?

Several of these tracks are hard to find digital copies of, so here you go. Pared down from the original 90 minutes to about 60 — if you want to hear the whole thing you’ll have to ask Jay. It took some prying out of my fingers, but he eventually got his tape back.


Fresh Fish – Steve Keith
Bluegrass Express – Osbornes
Bang You’re Alive – Scruggs – Flatt
Nashville Skyline Rag – Denis Lepage
Two Twenties – Bill Keith
Oh Susannah – Larry McNeely
With Care From Someone – D.Dillard
Sledd Ride – Danny Menzone (Traver Hollow)
Top of the World – Earl Scruggs
Whole World Round – Dillards
Tennesse Breakdown – Herb Pedersen
Eddie on the Freeway – Country Gentlemen
Hearts Overflowing – Seldon Scene
Clinch Mt. Backstep – David Lindley
Banjo Workout – Joe Maphis
Red Apple Juice – Dick Rosmini
Why I Love You – Traver Hollow
Golden Slippers – Harley Bray J.Hartford
Gambler’s Yodel – Triska
Pinewood Valley – William Holden
Fire On The Banjo – Carl Story
Grand Ol’ Oprey Theme Song – John McEuen
Classical Gas – Bobby Thompson
Bach To The Country – John McEuem
Bouree No 2 – Bill Keith