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This year was nucking futs. Easily a couple hundred people. At 3:00am, there were buses coming from downtown, completely full of people in costume heading to “that villa party.” Was it out of hand? I can’t decide that for everyone. Some people loved it, others thought it was way too crowded. At the peak, the dance floor was strictly “do the minnow” room only. Amazingly no cops were called. They stopped by once on a routine drive by to note, “that’s way too many people on the roof.” A valid point. I’ve got no idea what the load capacity of the villa roof is, and I’m not interested in pushing it to failure.
As usual, a couple “aspiring DJs”/drunken assholes kept fucking with the DJ gear. You can hear one of them banging away on the piano, and being ejected at exactly 45:10 in the mix. The other guy, after his second warning, said “I do it because I love you man.” Fair enough. Roommates Brad and Greg helped with DJing, and DJ GoreMay. Brad and GoreMay bookend this year’s mix.
Thanks to everyone who attended, for the good times, great costumes, and good spirits. As always.
-The Ood.

A+ for creativity on the Dexter victim. Stash, Courtney, Omid, Ashley.(p) Greg D

A costume aint complete without a good prop. Strawberry Shortcake and Ood. Adrienne and Ard. (p) Marlis

Ambras Syndrome is no laughing matter. Locke. (p) Ard

Fox news and he’s a fox. I get it. But it’s the fox on his shirt checking out the beer that wins me over. Ricardo. (p) Greg D

Amazing little red riding wolf. Em. (p) Greg D

Villa hosts. Brad is that Banksy guy. Sarah a witch.

Greg the dog from some 90s DJ game (my vote for most obscure), Ard the ood, Mike hopelessly French. (p) someone

Ms. Frizzle. Meg. (p) Greg D

Alex’s costume is on the back of his head, some cartoony character? But this photo rules. (p) Ard

The detail on this was mind blowing. Em and Dylan get my best-dressed-couple vote. (p) Greg D

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this is a real-life Ed Hardy drawing. If I’m right, great costume idea! If I’m wrong, I have slighted you beyond forgiveness. (p) Greg D

Random thought: did the Be Good Tonyas name their band after Tonya Harding? Brenda bringing pain. (p) Ard

Lions! Tigers! Zebras! Giraffes! Zoodles are animal noodles. Conrad, Kimberly. (p) Greg D

Back porch madness. (p) Greg

No idea who or what, but they look fun. (p) Greg

63% of a costume is attitude. Before I could guess what Madeline was, she screamed “I’m a JELLYFISH!”. Madeline, Sarah. (p) Ard


Bird Set:
Uffie feat. Pharell Williams – ADD SUV (Armand Van Helden Club Remix)
College – A Real Hero (MegaMan and Panic City remix)
Skrillex v The Doors – Breaking a Sweat
Skrillex – Reptile Theme v House of pain – Jump
AK45 Set:
ZZafrika – ZZT
Off the Wall (Tradelove Remix) – The Black Project
Shave It – Zedd
The Legend of Zelda – Zedd
Rattle – Bingo Players
Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO
Rumble In the Jungle – ZEDS DEAD
You’ve Got the Love – Florence and the Machine
This is Halloween – Figure
Undah Yuh Skirt (feat Mavado) – ZEDS DEAD
I.D.G.A.F.O.S. – Dillon Francis
Barbramyte (DJs from Mars Remix) – Duck Sauce vs. Taio Cruz
Big Al Downing – The Georgia Slop
Wynonie Harris – Quiet Harris
El Camino Real – Lee Dresser
Bonkers – Dizzie Rascal
9000 – Carl Tricks
GoreMay Set:
Big Bad Wolf – Duck Sauce
Bounce (all I do is party) – MSTRKRT Feat N.O.R.E.

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