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Meg on the spooky Chemistry Alley Windows. Grant spotting.

Meg on the spooky Chemistry Alley Windows. Grant spotting.

Back from the dead. Five (five!) years later we’re back. Still at the Villa, still Radio, still La. Join Ard, Dylan, Mayumi, and special guest Andy Day (Kiell) who makes us look bad by talking smarter, harder, and with a proper accent. Everything you didn’t want to know about building and more!

Big Game Hunter – Steve Gibson and the Red Caps
Seven Seas Of Rhye – Queen
Move On – Jeanette (Baby) Washington
Aint Done Nothing To You – Pat Patrick
Mean Old Frisco – Little Walter
Heart of Darkness – Pere Ubu
Memphis – The Milk Carton Kids

Magical Mayumi serves magical sushi. Andy, Ard, Mayumi at Applause Sushi.

Andy getting some Squamish action. St. Vitus Dance.

Ard and Cinnamon Candy.

Ard taping up for Bop ‘Til You Drop.

Skateboards are good for running from UBC Security, but bad for blending in from UBC Security. Ard and Mayumi.

Ard celebrating Andy’s first time playing disc golf.

Cac! Cac!

Dylan Guns.

Dylan Moss.

Mayumi is the cutest.

A scarce copy of the first ever buildering guidebook, published 1899.

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