Through the power of hashtaggery, tracking down people’s buildering exploits has been made a lot easier in recent years. Fortunately, the #buildering hashtag on Instagram has yet to become the car crash that characterises the #parkour hashtag but there’s still the odd douchenozzle or gurning gymbunny out there trying to ruin it for everyone (yes we’re looking at you, Dominic).

Our inaugural roundup has some excellent photographs, lovingly selected at random by my good self. If you feel that yours should have been included, why not tweet at us or drop us an email. Contacting us is a bit like screaming into your pillow, but with a better success rate and it doesn’t leave you with a sore throat and a confused dog.

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1. Ash ‘Spyder’ Holland gets his swing on.

Some call Ash brave. Others call him an idiot. I call him Ash. It’s his name. I gave him this piece of old gym rope and gave him very clear instructions on how not to cut it in two when swinging on it above a 30m drop. If and when he dies, it is not my fault. Video soon. And more from Ash soon too. Exciting.


2. UpThatRock aka Zofia Reych explores Warsaw

I’m slightly biased here because @upthatrock is my missus. Sorry about that. The lady behind the camera is Ola Taistra, a baddass all on her own cos she climbs 5.14c and you’ve never heard of her. Shame on you.


3. Randy Leavitt reminding us why everything in the 1970s looked cool.

There was so much buildering happening on campuses across North America during the 1970s it’s actually quite depressing how little there is today by comparison.


4. Johnnie writes a novel.

But we forgive him because this shot of John Gass taking a bail looks immense.

Im now living with @krimdogbillionaire in #denver after I lost my van to @kailightner since I bet against @denverbroncos in the #superbowl (he said something like @camnewton_offical1 was his cousin and had been paid off by the @nfl to throw the game so @peytonmanning_18broncos could go out a winner) Anyways I cant really drive anywhere now so heres me spotting @jgass520 on some stupid wall downtown. I didnt try it cause I got too drunk flirting with @courtneyawoods at @1upbar on Friday night. Sorry for the fucking novel, been an exhausting week hitch hiking back to #colorado PS: I applied @carlsjr so if anybody knows anybody hook me up please! #climbing #buildering #enjoythevankai #climb #rockclimbing #broncos #denverbroncos #life #sucks
A photo posted by Johnnie Lassiter (@johnnie.lassiter) on


5. Danny and Connie got married. Their guests buildered their wedding.

Buildering at weddings is dumb. Buildering at weddings should be mandatory. We demand more buildering at weddings. (Congratulations Danny and Connie, whoever you are.)


6. Rawk_Tawk rawks.

This isn’t buildering. And you might call us hypocrites for featuring something that isn’t buildering shortly after moaning that there’s too much non-buildering shit using the hashtag. But here’s the difference: Rawk_Tawk is funny. And stupid. And there should be more of it.


7. J.G. Castillo made something pretty.


8. Industrial. The hipster of buildings.


9. If you’re not allowed to climb it, you’re not allowed to call it ‘public art’.

For once we’re being quite serious here. In our opinion, public displayed art is for the public, therefore we can interpret it however the fuck we want as long as we don’t damage it.


10. Stephen Bryant wins at hashtags

Great photo and the caption and hashtags capture the spirit of buildering perfectly. Fine work, sir. 


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