More American Ninja-ery. Amos Rendao, the second American Ninja to grace pages, likes to play around on the occasional building.

Who I am and what I do – As Amos Rendao, I am a movement scientist, information activist, lost boy, and many other things depending on where my passions and convictions take me at the moment. Professionally, I am an owner / general manager / head instructor / professional athlete at APEX Movement Head Quarters, Cofounder of ParkourEDU, and founder of the projects Parkour Ukemi and Parkour Randori, and I never wear climbing shoes.

How buildering fits into my training – I only use english and categorizing because I have to really. One of my deepest convictions and pleasures is challenging myself to get from one place to another. I get a big kick out if it. Sometimes that may involve a more dynamic movement like a plyo jump or a methodical and controlled climb. So it fits into my training in such a way that it’s really just part of a continuum of falling practice, improvising, adapting, solving problems, knowing myself better, going up, getting stronger while having fun, and so on.

Climbing on Boulder campus is so good and has attracted all sorts of climbers since the 70s. If you all ever wanted to come out, we could show you around some of the good ol fashioned local challenges.

For more on Amos, check out his Facebook, and website.