2014 is the year buildering shakes off its underground roots, going from the esoteric pastime of bored rock-climbers, tights-wearing daredevils and Greenpeace activists into the mainstream. The secret is out: buildering is fun, and the town of Sondrio shows us how it’s done. What a fantastic event, with 25 builder problems, speed climbs, trick-lining, high-lining, and a finale up a 40m clock tower. Plus an after-party with bands, beer (I assume, maybe wine? It’s Italy after all), and a high percentage of attractive looking people that could compete with any slow motion light-beer or energy drink commercial. A tonne of organizing and community support was required to pull this off — much kudos to Gruppo Giovani of the Valtellina Alpine Italian Club for arranging it all. Inspiring. Where will the next “Sondrio” arise?