The key to appreciating art is putting on a nice suit, shiny shoes, and making an evening of it. But this is YouTube, I’m two beers deep into 8% northwest IPA, and deciding if I have the energy to make Ichiban.

Nothing profound will come of my current state, so instead I offer you live stream of consciousness:

0:07 – upside down. I can do that.
0:17 – ooh, real buildering. stoked.
0:26 – that Lenin? I am the walrus.
0:33 – OK, what the fuq is this.
0:55 – urban acrobatics? you said it, not me.
1:07 – nice bike, reminds me of that 3rd world motorbiking thread.
1:10 – what da fuq?
1:14 – people in the background be like, “what da fuq?”
1:15 – kinda getting turned on now.
1:32 – what you censoring yo?
[1:40 – 2:14] – mmm…beer getting low.
2:45 – “Indy! Indy!” (voice of Short Round).
2:59 – asked my roommate to rappel off of Granville bridge with me, his response: “why?”