Vadim Makhorov, “Hello all from the world’s biggest city – Shanghai. For about a month Raskalov Vitaliy and I are in China. I already have quite a bit stories to tell about where we have been and what we have seen, but you will read about it in my next post. I dreamed to visit Shanghai for a while. One of the main sights for us was Shanghai tower, a huge skyscraper in the city center, which currently is under construction. The height of it will be 632 meters. When the construction will be completed, the tower will become the highest building in China and world’s second high building after Burj Khalifa (if not to mention TV tower in Tokyo, which is only 2 meters higher). Ten days ago, during the celebration of Chinese New Year, the entire country was resting – all the people had vacations, so as the builders. Everybody was squibbing in their neighborhoods and enjoying the holidays. For us, it was perfect time to climb the tower and a crane jib above it (the highest point is about 650 meters). To see how it was, watch the video. The building has 120 floors. It took us two hours to climb there. When we got on top floor, we saw how the city is floating in low cloud cover. And we were there, above the clouds. At first we really enjoyed it – pictures came up really beautiful. But in the morning clouds were still there. From one side, the view was amazing, like from the airplane window, but from the other side, we couldn’t see the city and there was no sense of height at all. So we decided to wait until the clouds will be gone. When we got down, it was already dark again and we had no problems getting out. In general, we spent there 18 hours.