A fantastic bit of trad buildering from Missouri that was first posted over at Mountain Project. Climber Dylan Dwyer tells the story.

The cop was actually pretty nice about it. just the typical safety talk (since he did this for boyscouts and knows all about it). bad quality video, but i wasn’t the one taping! oh yeah, i suck at crack climbing…

As I was placing my first piece a woman looked at me and immediately pulled out her cell phone so I’m guessing that’s who called the police. But I couldn’t believe I got off Scott free. My friend belaying me was pissed he didn’t get to climb it. And the cop said to ask for permission next time!

It started with wide hands then at the top 15 ft was an overcammed 3 but perfect hands so no pro needed. Another perfect hand crack in another corner is still awaiting a FA. I placed 3 3s btw.

Fine work.