Hello, I like to climb things and take pictures. I wasn’t aware of the term or niche of buildering, but this is cool. I free climb buildings all the time! I hail from the Urbex scene and go all over the Midwest USA.

Downtown Chicago is my fav playground. I managed to get on the 53rd story balcony of this tower in MPLS. I took one look at the wall and knew that this roof had my name all over it.
Snapped this photo of the tower next door:

Most of the chicago buildings have fire escapes, so they just require a free climb for a story or so. The views are amazing though. This building had a Helicopter pad!

Not really buildering, but climbing tower cranes is always a huge rush. Esp in the windy city!

Climb an abandoned prison? Why not!

This one required a couple multi-story chimneys to get to the roof, wedging myself between a silo and the wall of a building. The view from the sign at the top was amazing:

Had to climb up a pipe to get this view:

Radio tower! Shot is of my buddy, I was up there with him taking it. Was not easy to keep the camera still on this one

Mill climbing can often payoff with a killer view:



Straight up buildering with some buddys in Gary IN.

Looking for a safe camping spot in an urban setting? Semi technical / dodgy climbs are my fav way to keep out the riff raff and sleep safely.