Cooper_Union_New_Academic_Building_from_northI’m an art student at The Cooper Union ( in New York City and for a graphic design class project I’m going to be putting together a buildering guidebook for our “campus”.

My question to you guys is, what are some of the essential parts to include in a guidebook? So far I’ve only had the chance read The Roof-Climber’s Guide to Trinity (2nd Edition), so my knowledge is pretty limited. I’m planning on including a short history of buildering and buildering guidebooks; about a dozen different routes with accompanying photos/diagrams; and finally a map pointing out where each of the routes is located. If there’s anything else you think is necessary, please let me know.

Also, here’s some buildering content from a protest that took place last semester. Our school’s board of trustees mismanaged the school’s funds over the past decade, and now they’re considering charging undergraduate tuition for the first time since 1902. As part of a larger protest, Jesse climbed onto a statue infront of the school and danced with a sign reading “No Tuition It’s Our Mission”.