I’ve done some “questionable” soloing in my day, but only questionable in the eyes of the observer. I’ve always felt in control. That’s the soloist’s secret: be solid beyond doubt.

At least half of the stuff in this video looks certifiably nuts. My fingers are slipping all over the keyboard — I can hardly type, my hands are so sweaty.

The big question: is this guy in control? His parkour skills look passable — just good enough to pull off the trick. His climbing skills, about the same?

Someone (John Bachar?) once said, “soloing is a gift for the best climbers on their best days.”

John “Yabo” Yablonski was a 1970s Yosemite climber and soloist, not known for the impressiveness of his endeavours, but for the style in which he accomplished these. Yabo, once stuck halfway up a pitch, saved himself by jumping and catching a nearby tree branch. His climbing style was so sketchy that onlookers would vomit with stress. Watching this video, I know how they feel.