As a lampoon on UBC’s ridiculous ad campaign seemingly aimed at promoting university sports above all other accomplishments I started spoofing the ‘From Here’ posters. Luckily a friend is on co-op at a place with access to a huge poster printer so I had two of the posters printed up. Now the question is: where should I hang them? So what do you guys think: What’s the best place to hang them so that they are visible, are not easily taken down and
ideally so that they look like they fit in with the ad campaign?

Some ideas:
-SUB Balcony
-Henn-Hebb overpass
-Hebb Theatre roof
-Fizz penthouse (top of Hebb)

PS Evan really is a mustache champion; he got third place in freestyle mustache at the world beard and mustache championship. And Gavin really does have massive student debt, just like the rest of us 😛