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I’m all about the cassette tape right now. My car has a cassette player, and instead of trying to circumvent it with tape adapters and FM transmitters, I’m embracing the technology. I bought a Nakamichi DR-2 recorder and hit up the thrift stores for blank tapes. I love the process of going from vinyl, to digital, to tape. It’s a great marriage of technologies, and in the end I get to hold something.
This mix is 30 minutes per side, perfect for a 60 minute blank tape. Dub it to tape, pop it in the car, and drive mother drive!

Side A
The Caprells – Close Your Eyes
The Sonics – Have Love, Will Travel
Vince Taylor – Brand New Cadillac
The Champs – Panic Button
Harold Jackson – Freedom Riders
Blanche Thomas – You Aint Such A Much
Ken Craig – Silver Coin
Sparkletones – Black Slacks
Anne Cole – Each Day
Calvin Boze – Baby, You’re Tops With Me
Lonesome Lee – Lonely Travelin’
Side B
Big Al Downing – The Georgia Slop
Lowell Fulsom – Lovin’ Touch
Lee Dresser – El Camino Real
Wynonie Harris – Quiet Whiskey
Evelyn Freeman – Didn’t It Rain
Jimmy Liggins – I Aint Drunk
Lightnin’ Slim – Just Made 21
Joe Lutcher – Ojai
Mark Murphy – Why Don’t You Do Right
Liz Green – Bad Medicine

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