Anybody out there ever gone buildering in Feiyue shoes? They are my standard street shoes, and I have really enjoyed buildering in them. They’ve got a ton of grip, are reasonably sturdy, fit snugly, and have a nice rubber cap on the toe and reinforcment along the sides for jamming, hooks, etc. Also, since they were originally martial arts shoes, they are made with running and jumping in mind (I need not point out that “running” can also mean “running from authority figures,” and “jumping” can also mean “falling”). The downsides are that even though the padding is decent, it definitely isn’t as padded as cross-trainers (although still way better than climbing shoes), and unless you get the hi-top version there’s no ankle support. The price is basically unbeatable: $15 for low-tops, $30 for hi-tops.

ps. I’m new to both the forum and to buildering. I go to the University of Florida, and I’m not a great climber, but I like to climb trees and buildings on campus and have also explored the steam vents here some. Right now I’m basically just working on technique and attemping to not take stupid risks. Trying to use my arms less and my legs more, not doing anything with a death fall, etc.

Anyway, it’s nice to meet you all. Or at least post on this forum.



Oops! I should have posted this on the Shoe Review thread.