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Be safe this holiday season. Look both ways before crossing the street.

whip gut
Whip would make an excellent garden gnome.

dman gut
Limited edition prints now available.

seth foos
Villa Christmas gift from Whip ‘n Michael’s parents.

The fruits of my labour: 2000 classic video games in one machine.

Thanks. I’ll think twice before moving.

Ahhh memories.


J-Dilla – Workin On It (LVR theme song)
Chat n Chew with Ard n Whip
Real Life – Send me an Angel
Musings with Michael
Mathew Wilder – Break my Stride
Friday Night Dreamin’ with ArdArvin
10cc – Wall Street Shuffle
Z-Trip Interview
Genesis – I Can’t Dance
D-Man’s Little Known Facts
LVR Random Record: Leadbelly – Sukey Jump
Keddie Scientist
Devo – Automodown
Redneck 101
LVR Letters
Metro – Twas the Night Before Christmas

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