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So you probably noticed there’s this new person crashing (living?) at the villa. His name is Riggles Slut-bottom Esquire. He can be a bit annoying at times, but he sure does skateboard well. Photos by Michael.

DSCF0097 DSCF0113 DSCF0121 DSCF0127 riley1


J-Dilla – Workin On It (LVR theme song)
Bollywood Thriller (YouTube Video)
The Roots – Don’t Feel Right
D-Man’s Little Known Facts
Keddie Scientist
The Free Design – An Elegy
Musings with Michael
Friday Night Dreamin’ with ArdArvin
Arlo Guthrie – The Motorcycle Song
Redneck 101
AC/TC (Alana Cruise/Tom Cruise)
Sufjan Stevens – Casimir Pulaski Day
LVR Random Record: Vera Johnson – The Fountain
Free Local Calls For Deaf People
DJ AK45 Mix:
Goodie Mob – Dirty South
De La Soul – I Can’t Call It
DJ Numark – Imagine
Blend: Portishead – Roads, with Nas – Aint Hard to Tell
LVR Band: I Hate Nickels (best song of all time, of all songs, ever)

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