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9Dedicated to the art of beat digging.

cliff spot
Amy at the LVR swimming hole

gay party
Hollywood Twa’s big gay party

Michael slacking

Early morning bandit camping mugshots

Somebody needs to make airbrushing on cars fashionable again.

deep water soloing
Extreme-treme-eme Deep-eep-ep Water-ater-ter Soloing-oloing-oing!!! (I.e. as much as I hate deep water soloing media coverage…it’s actually quite fun to do.)


j-dilla – workin on it (lvr theme song)
10cc – worst band in the world
(background: david mccallum – the edge)
d-man – little known facts
dj shadow – enuff
musings with michael
mcdonald and giles – the inventor’s dream
eugene mcdaniels – supermarket blues
digging tips with ard
(background – ak45 mix:
rhythm heritage – baretta’s theme
ramsey lewis – les fleur
juarez – st. mary’s railroad)
live with hollywood twa
(background: brand new funk – interlude, david mathews – sandworms, mylo – sunworshipper)
stanley cowell – travelin man
don drummond – cordens
redneck 101 with thor
la villa letters
la villa band – t.b. sheets (live)

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