is my little escape from the idiocy that is the world of parkour on the internet.  No one really knows I post here, so I can whinge and moan and be as funny/offensive as I like with like-minded people (ie Ard) about things and get away with it.

Occasionally I get mail telling me how great I am.  That’s always nice.  I always write back and can be very friendly and humble.  Sometimes I get kids telling me how great they are and how I should put their photographs on my website.  That’s often amusing.

This is the first time I’ve received an actual complaint about my work. Here we go:

i aint complainin an i think most of your pictures are great. but there are a few that i think are a bit boring. for example on some of the pics in the gallery, there isnt actually much pk. you put in behind the scenes pictures, and stuff like pictures of a plain wall with nothin around it.

so, yeah. if possible could you put more pk pictures and less random ones.

I didn’t spend too long pondering my response:

Hi Charlie,

Sorry to hear that you don’t like my photography. Here’s a suggestion: don’t look at the ones you don’t like.  This should resolve your problem.