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Hating all things mind-altering.

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j-dilla – workin on it (lvr theme song)
gil scott heron – in the bottle
d-man – little known facts
vakanor’s top 10 un-funny things
phill phillips – the evil dope
tom cruise quote of the week with Alana P
musings with michael
ak45 mix:
(secret song)
quannum – i changed my mind (stereo MCs mix)
george mccrae – i get lifted
kc & the sunshine band – i get lifted
james brown & lynn collins – you can’t love me if you don’t respect me
keddie’s picks
lvr random record: sammy davis jr. – candyman
tube tops with erika
twa’s special surprise
laid back – white horse
buildering philosophy with kenny frazz
la villa letters
la villa band – subterranean homesick blues (live)

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