Living in New Zealand, buildering gets zero attention, which is a good thing from a not getting busted point of view. There are bugger all people doing here in Auckland and there's a heap of good climbs all around the inner city.
Just wondering if those of you in Canada feel like buildering is as popular there as it's gonna get or do you reckon it will take off as an “urban extreme sport”?
Personally it seems similar to the Dogtown and Z-boys story, as buildering is seperated from mainstream climbing much like the dogtown guys were seperated from the lame competition skating. I think buildering has its own style, and even the people who  builder seem to be quite far removed from traditional climbers. For example, those into buildering seem to have a skate background, I myself have bmx street background and I can definitly see some crossovers.

So anyway, are we in the hay days or is it going to take off like the dogtown skating style did? And as pioneers will you Canadians get get your own “Etinies Ard” signiture shoes? :p